Saturday, 22 July 2017

One Card Only: Yes, This is a Bills Card

And I'm calling it a Bills card because it was cheaper than actual Bills autographs of his on COMC. He appeared in all but one game in his rookie season, and that's pretty good for the 6th rounder.

Friday, 21 July 2017

Insomnia/Migraine Pack Break Special

Not really an insomnia special pack break nor a migraine special pack break, as it was already scanned and ready to be posted later today. But, since I'm awake and sorta coherent, I'm posting it holy crap o'clock.
A retail pack of Score football that had been awaiting posting for about a month. Let nobody say I can't procrastinate with the best of 'em.
The first 19 cards a veteran base cards. Notable here were the throwback uniform, Kerry Hyder's first card (coming into his 4th season, the first two being practice squad time), Chris Hogan torching his former team, the dirt infield still visible in Oakland, and a Bills card.
Some parallels. At least I know one of my trade partners will like that Peppers.
Inserts. For a 40 card retail hanger, they may have overdone it a bit with these.
Just a smidge. 12 inserts, along with the 3 parallels, seems to be way too much for a set-building set's retail options. I got more basecards in the 40-card hobby pack.
But the rookie portion was pretty good, at least in terms of positioning. The bottom row has the 6th, 2nd and 3rd overall pick respectively. As for the rest, Qualls was a 6th rounder to Philly, while Godwin went to Tampa in the 3rd. Ross was undrafted, but went to the Panthers.

And that's some retail football.

Thursday, 20 July 2017



That makes 10103, the total minutes spent in NHL penalty boxes by these 5 people. These cards were courtesy of Jason (aka OrlandoBolts from zistle) and a recent trade envelope. There's a second part of the envelope, and that will be up shortly. Thanks for this grouping of on-ice troublemakers!

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

COMC Challenge Funnies

I amuse easily.

Anyhow, these are a couple cards that came up while doing COMC Challenges that, while I found amusing, I just couldn't add to my want list.
This card showing up means that either:

A) A card from a 2000 set with the detailed instructions still stuck on it in post-it form somehow slipped into the pack
B) Hardaway may have signed this instructional card in 2000, forgot about it, then submitted it himself

Either way, that was spectacularly odd.
The strange thing is if this card were encased, and there was a note on the label reading that there was writing on the back, I'd probably add this card to my collection just for the amusement factor. That said, they still call this card "Good to Very Good".

A post where I don't have to scan anything myself! Perfect!

Monday, 17 July 2017

Too Many Days to Finish a Trade Post

I'd worked cards from the latest TMM/V mailer into various trade posts. It is finally time to put that to rest, and post the last of the cards in it. And then, maybe I could get to the next large envelope sitting nearby.
There's always a question with cards like this as to whether they'll go into the masks binder or to my Kitchener Rangers alum binder. Probably the latter in this case, but this may change. The non-mask portion of the card has an etched look that doesn't show up well in the scan.
But this one is a mask binder certainty. I'm really not crazy about the jersey, as it doesn't seem to know what design it wants to go for, but at least the colours work nicely with the duck head mask.
My Canadians-in-the-NBA collection seems to consist primarily of Tyler Ennis hits and Steve Nash cards. But I'm alright with that. Here's a couple more for the latter.
And how about some Mets to end it? The Clarkin/Smith dual was already in my 2/14 collection, but the Smith portion will move it into my Mets collection nicely. The Piazza mini is a nice card, especially since I haven't done much Ginter the past few years, but how can I vote against a pinstriped-Wright? That's a nice way to end this trade envelope, and rest assured I've already started to reload for my next mailer.

And there you have it.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

4 if by Sportlots

Another sportlots foursome, since 4 is the point in which shipping from the US goes beyond PWE status and henceforth really expensive.
If this card isn't proof that you don't need a closely-cropped photo to make a memorable card, then nothing will act as proof. The failed tackler makes this perfect.
The pride of Windsor, Ontario!
Yes. It is a hockey card for a sled hockey player. And yes, it is an incredibly great entry into the oddball portion of my collection.
Another thing I love on cards but don't see enough of - a photo where the player featured is not touching the ice in anyway. I should probably look to see if Lindros did score against Osgood in the 2001-02 season, but am not really that curious.

And there you have it!

Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday Evening PWE

Just a little PWE from Kerry @ Cards on Cards this evening where I'm not feeling chatty. The faces of the Raptors franchise start it off with a trio of cards. I don't have too many cards of Complete, especially inserts, so that's the big highlight in that group.

On the bottom, some shiny baseball. Only the Cespedes is a numbered parallel/ It's a gold press proof, although it scans more of a bronze-ish olive.

6 cards. 3 teams. One envelope. No complaints here - thanks for the goodies, CoC!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 18 - Surprise!

A mid-week surprise bag from the Dollarama? Why not? Here are the contents:
Your contents. The McDavid chase is on with a blaster pack!
So much for that chase. Even the usually-interesting Canvas card was a pretty dull photo.
If I have to highlight something from the Pro Set pack, it might as well be the back of this Malarchuk card for highlighting the throat slashing as well as his lack of playoff performance.
The Hall of Fame pack was a big winner here. It is always nice when the promised HOF card isn't the usual 1990 Bowman or Pro Set base card. This beauty is from 2004 ITG - The Franchises and gives a real nice 1976 vibe on a more recent card. You also have Dustin Tokarski rocking his 'Tick' themed mask. Two mask binder cards in one little pack. Really nice.
But, I can't escape Bowman in the Franchise pack. But the other cards (mask binder/Espo/Heritage Classic uni) offset that.

$2 worth of enjoyment here? Certainly!

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Bills! Bills! Bills!

While I didn't get a hit from my two latest group break Bills team purchases (Prestige & Classics), I'll still off the latest cards to fatten the Bills binder.
Here's the base cards. With rookies SPd at 1 per pack, it is disappointing, yet still not an incredible surprise that I didn't land at least one. Any chance to add a new Bruce Smith card to the collection is a good one.
I think I can answer the trivia question on the back of Andre Reed's card without going to card #203.
2 unnumbered parallels and inserts. The Kelly seems more like a Bills binder card than a 2/14 card, so there it is.
And a numbered, red-back parallel where I was too lazy to scan the red back.
Prestige did land me the three rookies that should probably be in most of the sets this year, as well as a base card of the already-departed Gillislee. I had no beef with his stay in Buffalo, but he wasn't getting paid what the Pats were offering.
And the final card is a (checks COMC) gold parallel out of 50. That's it.

Nothing too big, but any Bills content is good Bills content.

Monday, 10 July 2017

One Card Only: Masked Monday

If you're like me, your attention is not with the thick swatch on the card (although that piece of a Manitoba Moose jersey is pretty nice), but with the side of Drew MacIntyre's mask, and the Mr. Potato Head there. If you're wondering why there is a Mr. Potato Head on the mask, the answer is quite geographical. Drew is from Prince Edward Island. PEI is famous for potatoes. Simple. As for the pirate get-up, Drew was with the Milwaukee Admirals at the time.

I guess if you want to salute the province, it is that or having Anne of Green Gables on it. And face it, Pirate Anne would rule. Gilbert ain't pulling her hair a second time.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Mucho Mets from BWTP

Time to recap one of the two envelopes that showed up last week. I'll start with the easier of the two with a quintet of Mets.
A simple relic starts this off. But you get a little more as this includes a nickname to go along with a plain gray swatch.
With all the teams Rickey played for, at least this includes a nice pinstripe to make it more likely than not that this is a Mets swatch.
And three more Mets swatches to end the relic portion of the envelope.
Only one autograph among the 5 cards, but it is of someone still on the team. That's no mean effort this season with all the injuries. If you throw out the first pitch and you get it to home plate with two or fewer bounces, you might find yourself on the depth chart this year.
And a great way to end a post is a 1/1 plate. And it is of the ol' perfessor! Now, since this is unlicensed, it doesn't specify which New York he is with at the time, but the photo looks like it might have been recycled from his 1962 Mets card. That's close enough for me!

Thanks for all these goodies, Matt. I've been reloading, and should have something on its way by month's end.

Saturday, 8 July 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 17 - My Repack Has Fleas!

Quick recap before I start one of these - a cello-wrapped brick of cards, with a hit in the middle, for $5.
2016 Tim Horton's - Erik Karlsson - Tim Horton's - Like I'd pass on a repack with both a Timmies card visible, and that card being a Senator.
2016 Platinum - Jonathan Quick
2016 Platinum - Alex Ovechkin - Usually at least one of him, Crosby or Gretzky in one of these.
2016 Platinum - David Backes
2016 Platinum - Steven Stamkos
2016 Platinum - John Tavares
2014 Showcase - TJ Oshie
2014 Showcase - Zach Parise
2014 Showcase - Jeremy Roenick
2014 Showcase - Adam Henrique
2014 Showcase - Brett Hull
2014 Showcase - Matt Duchene
2016 Showcase - John Tavares
2016 Showcase - Brett Burns - Too much gold. Too much beard.
2015 Contours - Jordan Staal
2016 Trilogy - Daniel Sedin
2016 Trilogy - Filip Forsberg
2016 Trilogy - John Klingbeg
2014 Artifacts - Brett Hull - The 2nd appearance of Brett in this repack
2014 Artifacts - John Leclair
2014 Showcase - Kyle Clifford
2015 Upper Deck Game Jersey - Taylor Hall - And there's the hit.
2014 Showcase - Glen Murray
2016 SPA - Jonathan Toews - This is my first SPA card outside of some group break Bruins. I really do like the slight, but not overwhelming, colour on the background.
2016 Showcase - Same gold. Even more beard.
2016 SPA - Claude Giroux
2016 SPA - Nikolaj Ehlers
2016 SPA - Jamie Benn
2016 SPA - Mats Zuccarello - More of the SPA's nice clean design, including a new 2-14 baby for that binder with Ehlers!
2016 Tim Horton's - Dustin Byfuglien - More Timmy content!
2016 Tim Horton's - Rasmus Ristolainen
2016 UD - Checklist #1
2012 Artifacts - Jaromir Jagr - The oldest card in the repack, and it features a nice look at an All-Star uniform.
2014 Arifacts - Erik Karlsson - More Karlsson! And a nice alternate uniform appearance as well.
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Nicolas Hague - He was a second round pick by Vegas this past draft.
2016 Team Canada Juniors - William Bitten
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Anthony Beauvillier
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Haydn Fleury
2016 Tim Horton's - Bryan Little
2016 Tim Horton's - Jarome Iginla - The Avs colours work nicely with this design.
2016 Tim Horton's - Joe Pavelski
2016 UD - Brooks Orpik
2016 UD - Mikko Koivu
2016 UD - Brandon Dubinsky
2016 UD - Matt Niskanen
2016 UD - Robby Fabbri
2016 UD - Jeff Skinner - A rather lacklustre photographic group of flagship, but it did end nicely with a Rangers alum.
2016 SPA - Aaron Ekblad
2016 SPA - Jiri Hudler
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Sam Steel - Most porn name in the pack.
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Marcus Phillips
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Natalie Spooner - Runner up for most porn name in the pack.
2016 Team Canada Juniors - Tara Watchorn - Fin.

Nothing mind-blowingly great, but a satisfactory $5.