Monday, 26 June 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.3 - But it Isn't Spring!

Let's bring this repack home with the final 3 packs.
At least there's Mets content right from the start in this grouping.
And here's the first pack in this three. 1 and 1/3 Blue Jays content, but several people I barely remember, or never heard of in the first place among the regular base. At least I've got more stuff for future trade packages.
More Jays content in this one, with a Mets card joining them. More familiarity here with the names as well. And a card commemorating a playoff inside-the-park homer? Much better than the first.

But there's only 9 there.

"Packs with a relic card contain 10 cards"
Now that's the Jays content I really like to see. I am stunned this wasn't already pack searched and then some. These fall 1:53 on the retail side. Incredibly, this wasn't my favourite card in the repack. There's still one I liked more than this hit.
But before that, please enjoy some 2006 back-of-card cartoons.
Although nice additions to their collection, it isn't the Jays cards. Edwin Encarnacion's cardboard debut on the Jays would be a contender, but that's not it. Knowing me, you'd think a card of a guy named Barbaro Canizares would be an option. Nope, not even that.
It isn't a Toppstown card.
It is this. How did I not know these propaganda style cards existed? How? And how great was it that my first of these cards I got was of a guy I super collect? Now that's a fun way to end a repack.

I don't know if I'll quit while I'm ahead with these, but will probably grab a second one just to offset the almost constant posting of hockey repacks.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.2 - But it Isn't Spring!

And now, the blandest (to me) packs of the repack.
Triple Play is what it is. If I have to pick a favourite card, I guess its this, since nothing else really hit one of my PCs.
I busted way too much of 2014 putting together the base set to be overly enthusiastic about that pack. Here's the insert from it.
At least the plethora of inserts in OD would give me some chance to add some cards to that set, of which I busted a box to complete the base set. Alas,I I'd already picked up the complete retro uniform set on my own. But, at least I landed my first Jays card and first Mets card of this.
But at least these were both new. The blue tint actually works pretty nicely with the scoreboard in the background.

Tomorrow, with a pair of 2006 retail Update packs and a 2009 Update Hobby pack, things should be more interesting.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 16.1 - But it Isn't Spring!

It is always too long between repacks busts, especially when it isn't hockey being busted. In this case, a baseball repack made an appearance on the Walmart shelves, and yet I was cautious. I watched a couple breaks of it on youtube, realized the content wasn't 5 junk wax packs and 5 Triple Play packs (only 1 Triple Play - HAH!) and thought it would be worth the risk.

After all that, here were the contents.

2 2006 Updates & Highlights
1 2007 Upper Deck Series 2
1 2007 Topps Series 2
1 2007 Ultra
1 2009 Updates and Highlights
1 2012 Triple Play
1 2014 Series 1
2 2015 Opening Day

I don't think I've ever busted the 2006 through 2009 stuff, so that'll be a fun portion of the break.

There was also 1 Beckett promotional card of Schwarber & Bryant The promo card will be traded away at some point, but here's the front/back of it.
And now, the first part. The 2007s look nice grouped together like that, so I'll start with the only year that had different packs from it.
Starting with the Topps.
I actually may have busted one of these before, but was likely so bored by the process I don't remember a thing about it. I guess the most interesting card is the guy named Tankersley. Honourable mention to the Okajima, just because it gives the vibe that the background seems to be a generic one also used for high school grad pictures.
Ultra was a little more interesting, if nothing else than full-bleed photos and a the throwback brown on the Padres uni.
And the best of this portion comes, unsuprisingly in the UD S2. Two cards featuring pitchers that don't go overhand jump out here. The after shot of the sidearming Lopez is nice, but the Myers submarine wind-up might end up being the best base card in the whole break. What a great photo. Shame it is wasted on a Yankee. Strange to find an autograph singing photo of Howard as the 3rd best in a pack of 8, but sometimes that's how the cards fall. Also - two base cards of Todd Helton in 3 packs.

Next up, the 2010s stuff.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Too Many 2/14s!

And now the 2/14 portion of the TMV/M mailer.
Football was definitely the theme this time around, as only a couple slipped outside that portion of the binder. Jim Kelly made 1 appearance, but still added his 70th card to the collection.
Next up, David Garrard got 3 cards to reach 37 total.
Steve McNair on the front. Drew Bledsoe on the back. I can't get enough of cards that feature a pair of 2/14 babies. As has been my policy, this results in a 1 card boost to both their totals.
But that addition of one was just a drop in the bucket to the overall additions to both Bledsoe's and McNair's totals. Even these 20 scanned cards aren't the complete additions, as both got about 15 individual cards each. In the whole bunch, I love getting 3 different gold label Bledsoes, and that Soul of the Game die-cut among the McNairs. For those playing the home game with the Gold Label, the one with the ball being released is Class 1, scrambling is Class 2, and just getting the snap is Class 3.The Sculpted card is actually a preview card.
The rest of the way home, it is time for some 1/1 plates for the collection. The final football card is my first Alshon 1/1, coming from 2016 National Treasures.
Yes. These plates of the relic only cards still count. Why wouldn't they? But it does mean that this isn't a football only post.
And a 3rd plate to end it, with this one being a Brandon Sutter and a perfect card to go alongside the Hejduk to keep it company.

Only a whole bunch of none of the above miscellany left for the 4th and final post covering this bubble envelope.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Redeemed! 1 Becomes 2!

Time once again to open up a redemption envelope from a card company - this time from Topps.
The product may have only been on the shelf for a couple weeks, so it was unexpected to see this turn into this:
so quickly. But here's by first George Bell auto. I love the 1984 design this is from, but only wish he'd been wearing the blues in that photo, since that look didn't debut until years later. But that is picking the nit of a really great addition to my Jays collection.

But wait there's more!
A week and a half from entering the code isn't really a delay, but I'll still take a bonus card.
Amazingly, it is a card for my other team collection. What are the odds? (Rhetorical question) This is my second auto of his, joining a '14 GQ. They will both be freed from their plastic prisons and moved into binders sooner rather than later.

To the picker of said bonus card, I thank you!

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Bills! Bills! Bills!

Time for the Bills portion of the trade envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Vernlanders/Manninghams.

Very little in terms of base content among this.
The only base card in the whole thing for the Bills was the Marshawn Lynch rookie card. The other two are inserts. I'm really surprised I didn't land that Bruce Smith with all the Donruss from last year I busted.
How about a page worth of numbered cards to start. L-R, U-D, these are /350, /649, 750, /250, /199, /499, /2009, /2002 and /999. My faves here are the Spiller for the logo in the background, the acetate Price, and the Unrivaled of Jackson. The Jackson has a really nice look at the 50th anniversary logo.
Flutie mania on the second grouping of numbered cards, but my fave here is the Johnson, since he actually appears to holding onto the ball on a key reception. A rare photo indeed. These are /999, /99, /100, /2500 * 3 and /750.
The actual hits portion starts off with some appearances of Karlos Williams, who made a rather quick trip from penthouse to outhouse in Orchard Park. Some patches from some veterans and pretty good rookie jersey round out this grouping of former Bills.
The big winner in this mailer was Sammy Watkins, who gets 5 new cards with 6 jersey swatches. And my first autograph of his. If only he could stay healthy.
Technically, this Sammy isn't a Bills card. But, if I can add NCAA hits of people who made stops with other pro teams before becoming Bills short-term (Mike Gillislee, Anthony Dixon) I sure can add my 3rd plate to the binder, joining a McGahee and a David Nelson.

There you have it! 2 more posts to go for this bubbler.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A Rangers Round Up

Namely a round up of the Kitchener Rangers portion of a recent envelope from Dennis @ Too Many Manninghams.
It really was only one thing, but it definitely deserves its own post. At first this appears to be some sort of mini-album. This could be nice for storing some of my favourite Rangers alum cards. You've got Evan McGrath on the cover and despite his not making the NHL, he's still a memorable player and...

Signature Album?

Oh yeah, it came with an autographed team set of 24 cards.

Nothing big.
24 spaces in the album, so 24 cards makes sense. We open with this octet of players. Only Lashoff played in the NHL, but Turple got to sit on the Thrashers bench and got a couple NHL-level cards out of that appearance. Azevedo and McGrath were mid/late draft picks, and although neither reached the bigs, they've had good careers in Europe.
Strong NHL content in grouping #2, with only Geynes and Thomson not reaching the NHL. Valabik is a 2/14 binder member as well, but this will stay in the Rangers binder for obvious completeness reasons. Kindl had been back and forth between the AHL and NHL for his career, and spent last year in the Panthers organization.
Here you have the final grouping. Only Oreskovich here played in the NHL, although Rizk was a late pick of Minnesota. You also get an appearance of an alternate jersey on Applebaum's card. The team was a black hole for penmanship this season, with mostly illegible scribbles. I can read Auffrey's first name - that might give him the nod.

And there you have one part of the recent trade. I still have 3 more parts to cover, probably in random postings over the next week or so.

Monday, 19 June 2017

One Card Only: What's In a Name?

In the case of Scooby Wright, his name translates to "I will be drug tested every day week of my life, and people will double check in disbelief that I passed.".

Sunday, 18 June 2017

Archival Jays

And some more group break goodies, this time some Blue Jays from Archives.
Here's the base set. Pretty much who you'd expect from a base set limited to 300 cards with no retired content for the Jays.
And yes, the Osuna did have the inset of the stadium on the back of his card. I really wish they'd used the panoramic photo instead of just the infield. The Zosky shot is obviously the Dome, but unless you looked closely and were familiar with the facility, that other one could be anywhere.
Retro Original! The oxymoron portion of the set.
Here's a parallel, the only numbered card I landed. This peach card is 110/199.
Time to flashback to the 80s for the Fan Favorites portion of the break. I might have to wait a bit, but eventually I should get by first autograph of the 1987 AL MVP. I'd think this might look nice on the 1987 design given that, but it seems this will be on the 1984 look.
The Jays had two autographs in the set, and I landed both of them with this Dave Stieb. A nice looking autograph aesthetically, and it comes from design year of his no-hitter from 1990. A logical choice.

And there you go!