Thursday, 25 August 2016

Exposing new Expos

Back to my COMC box with a handful of new Expos.
Opening up, this strange die-cut card from 1998 Skybox. The seat portion of this can be pulled down, to show the lower part of Vlad, although mine doesn't align with the top portion at all. The non-Vlad portion of the seat backs are die-cut away. This is your typically odd 90's insert, and a nice addition to my collection.
An Expos card that was on my Top 10 wanted for a bit dropped off, as who wouldn't want a card with Dustin Hermanson and some Tootsie Pops?
O-Pee-Chee! Draft picks of Canadian teams got extra cards in 1988's release. Nate never played a game for the Expos. He got traded to the Braves, and would finally see the bigs with the Red Sox.
Because I didn't have a Gary Lucas card in my Expos binder, and this one was cheap.
Because I didn't have a Wayne Krenchecki (whose last name tries to auto-correct to Kitchenware) in my Expos binder, and this was cheap.

And that's the exposé!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

"If you can't stay young, you can at least stay immature."

So sayeth Red Green, and so sayeth I with this post, featuring some silly/funny/strange/cool names from football.
This might the example of the least surprising fact when I turned over the card. Born in Hawaii? I was definitely betting on that general area of the planet when I picked up this card.
Yo is merely a nickname, as his real first name was Llewellyn. I'd probably go for 'Yo' instead. If for no other reason than to make it easier on sports writers across the planet. And he really did play across the planet, as, as per wiki:

Murphy is the only player ever to play in the regular seasons of the CFL, NFL, XFL and NFL Europe, as well as the only player to suit up for the Super BowlGrey Cup and World Bowl championship games.
Jaquiski! Tartt!
And one good Tartt deserves another, even though the first card is so much greater, if for nothing else than the Samford Bulldogs logo.
And finally, Happy Feller! He certainly does look pleased with his lot in life. Again, it is a nickname, but Happy is so much better than simple James Patrick. 

And there you have it.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Random Rangers

Back to my COMC "To Be Posted" box, and a trio of cards heading for my Kitchener Rangers alum binder.
Technically, Jay McKee isn't an alum. Yet. That's only because he was named head coach this past off-season, and has yet to be behind the bench officially. Still, it is always nice to add new faces to the collection. I'll probably add an auto of Matthew Barnaby as well, since his former teammate will be along for the ride as an assistant.
Sometimes, when they don't have NHL cards, you have to get AHL cards. While Max did see some action for the Nordiques, that was back in the day where merely playing a single game in the NHL was not enough to get you a rookie card. So, there's this.

Plus, Middendorf is a fun name to say.
Some of my favourite cards are ones that bring players with a CHL link together. I've got three multi Ranger alum NHL cards so far (Roy, Richards, Robinson relic, Roy/Boedker relic and a Boedker/Landeskog auto) so this is now my third such card with a Derek Roy swatch on it. At least all three have him with different players.

So, an auto of an incoming coach, a minor league card and a dual relic. A nice mix of goodies.

Monday, 22 August 2016

2016 Adventures in Repacks: Part 33

Just a couple of Surprise Bags from the Dollarama to start the work week.

Repack #1:
And here's the promised content from the first one.
And as expected, the HOFer card is junk wax era. But I also get a card of Kelly Kisio looking like a 50-year old industrial arts teacher.
From this grouping, one might think there were no Calgary Flames cards outside of ones from 2013 Score and ones featuring Miikka Kiprusoff.
Half the cards in the 6 card mix were CHL, but when one of the NHL one features an appearance of Stanley, all is well. And at least Grant Marshall saw some NHL action.
And the Victory pack. The 2-14 card with the Gaborik was a dupe. As for the rookie card, Motin played 1 more game in the NHL than me. I seriously didn't think that Buffalo were still wearing their slug jerseys in order for them to appear on 2010 cards. So I also learned something from this pack.

Best card in this one for my collection: Jim Paek

Repack #2:
And away we go.
The typically great action shot on Miller saves this 1000-pt pack from being a strike-out.
And no set-build base card needs from this Victory pack.
No 70's cards this time in the 70s/80s, but a 1981 card is still pretty nice. And it is of someone who I've heard of. Bonus!
And the 2010s pack. While it is a nice mask binder card, I think this might be around the 8th or 9th time I've found one of these in a repack. I still do like the sea of white on the Staal, though.

Best card in this one for my collection: Peter McNab (but not better than the Paek).

Lost in Pronunciation

On the surface, this seems like just another card destined for my mask binder. And you would be correct. But I can't just move it there without showing off the back of the card.
While it is nice to have pronunciation guides on the reverse of cards, especially when one deals with a variety of nationalities and heritages in a sport, I don't think that's how one pronounces Tomas Vokoun.

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Portfolio:Hockey as Stadium Club:Baseball

I almost wish this had come out before Champ's. But if it did, I'd probably regret going all-in on building this base set as opposed to going all-in on the Champ's base set. As it is, it was probably wiser to do as I did with Stadium Club, and add a bunch of cards to my wantlist after seeing the scans at COMC. The set doesn't appear to be listed at Sportlots yet, so I might be waiting for a bit. That said, much like with SC, I must sample a couple packs.
First card out was the Crawford. Definitely an odd photo choice, but I can still appreciate something different in that it shows the lower leg of some random Red Wing. The Mario is a somewhat SP'd (1:7) wire photo, commemorating his 5 goal game. I'm not sure why they opted to picture Lanny McDonald getting tripped up, but it does give me a new Lanny for that mini-collection.  FWIW, the Crawford and Lanny were ones that made it to my "saw it on ebay" wantlist.
Card backs are typical UD. I'm not sure why they covered Lanny's trip to the finals in 1986 as opposed to his 1989 one.
This one did a bit better knocking cards off that list, as the Stamkos, Koivu and Holtby came off. Any card featuring a player wearing a toque is an automatic want. The rookie portion of the main set is not as tough a pull as the wire photo, falling at one every 2.5 packs.

And that leaves 17 wants for my great photo collection from this set.

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Chrome Sampler

While I wasn't a hit magnet this time, I was a Thor magnet.
My first Chrome card of 2016 was the Syndergaard base shown here.
And the second pack contained one of his inserts.

Nothing numbered from this, but at least I also got a pair of refractors with the Kimbrel and Heaney.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Help A Brotha Out!

This is a call for my stateside trading partners towards a couple cards I'd really like, but really don't want to pay the insane shipping charges to Canada for just a single card.

When it comes to the US election, all I really care about is if I'll have to specify which Clinton was President the last time the Bills made the playoffs (Yup, the Music City Miracle was their last time, and it was at the end of Bill Clinton's second term). So, the Decision 2016 set really doesn't appeal much to me.

And then I saw the checklist.

Michael Bloomberg is on it.

He's a 2/14 baby.

So, if one of my trading partners can pick up one of these cards, I'd feel like a happy king!
This is his high number base card. #111
This is his Candidate Portrait insert.

Surely, someone lives somewhere shipping isn't $13 for a single card?

Football Miscellany

Back to my COMC box, with a sampler of football cards within that don't really fit into any other grouping of mini-collections.
Let's open with a touching moment between a Hall of Famer, and your typically insane mascot. I needed wikipedia to tell me the larger of the two beings was named Ramster, and was apparently dropped in 1996.
Two Los Angeles Rams card to start the post? This one for the oddness of being a barefoot kicker photo, and also featuring the holder.
A throwback uniform continues the parade of kickers.
And a throwback concept for cards, as multiple images on the same card makes a return on this Black Friday 2015 card. I'd probably be the only person to be happy about getting this card in such a pack. Mind you, I didn't over last Black Friday, so I getting one on COMC had to suffice.
Someone's not passing concussion protocol.
I'm sure it was just a coincidence that Vincent Jackson just happened to go out of bounds right next to the exact spot where a sign was hanging that had his name on it.
So far, I've used three cards with photos that have not shown the face of the player in question. What an ugly group I must have picked.
Wrapping thing up, here's a Lambeau leap! While this didn't win the Packers the Super Bowl, I always love an opportunity to link to this:

I am disappointed at the lack of cheeseheads in that photo, though. It could have made the card even better.

And much like the 2017 Playoffs (and the previous 15 seasons), there you have a post without any Bills content.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Two Sens-ational additions

While I did grab a couple boxes that were on sale last week at the LCS, I also got a couple of hits for my Sens PC. As well as some other PCs, but those will have to wait until they appear on other blog(s).
I'd been looking to add a Mark Stone autograph to my collection for a bit. He wasn't exactly a chase card at the time, but it has moved up the list of desired hits from the 12-13 products with a pair of 60+ point seasons behind him. Not bad for a 6th rounder! If I'm going to get a sticker-graph of his, it might as well be one from his rookie year.
Sure, it is a plain white swatch, but the die-cut window of his jersey number is a pretty nice addition to my Alfie collection. A pretty jumbo piece of the sweater as well. This becomes even nicer with the announcement yesterday that the #11 is bound for the rafters at the arena in December.

And there you go.