Friday, 9 December 2016

All about the Penmanship

I haven't made any additions to my penmanship collection lately. Time to fix that with a dip into my pre-Black-Friday COMC container.
This is the only player in this post still active. Since he's an O-Line guy, he can't expect to get too many more cards, so he made his autograph memorable. I like the S being extended through the name, and I guess it can act as the hyphen. Only a first initial, but all letters are legible!
Not so much penmanship here, but it certainly is a creative example of adding your number to the signature.
I'd be accepting of any argument as to which Dominique has the nicest signature. Dominique Franks might be nicer in this format, but he'd change to an initials-only sig in later releases. Edison was more consistent, but he seems to have realized that he was reaching the end of the sticker, and had to struggle to fit his entire name on there. Still, for a pair of 14 letter names, both are really nice and worthy additions to the penmanship binder.

Your 2016 Ottawa Senators

At least in Upper Deck card form. I was probably just going to pick up a team set and inserts at some point, but saw the team available cheaply in a case break, and decided I might as well at least take a chance at landing some sort of parallel goodness.

That didn't happen, but at least I now have a lot of base cards from series 1.
When I first saw this, I immediately called it the Sens card of the year and likely the card of the year period. One minor complaint when I get the card in hand, though...
The back should have given some sort of update to the photo showing that yes, that Bobby did score the puppy goal.

And it turns out that UD was also a big fan of the card.
The rest of the base cards. The nice shot of the Hamburglar as well as the low angle on Karlsson are the highlights here.
The Sens' only Young Guns card in the set. I'd been using a Team Canada Juniors card as a placeholder until Nick got an actual Senators card.
I only got 2 of the 4 canvas inserts, but I'll assume those will be cheaply available once e-packs come out of S1 and they flood COMC with them. I can think of a dime box collector that will be happy to see that multi-image cards have returned to packs, even if they are in hockey. Others given this treatment on the canvas inserts in S1 include Patrick Kane, Nathan MacKinnon and Connor McDavid.
Generic insert.
Portraits make a return in this year's release. Pretty generic with the close-ups, although if you look through the cards, there are some nice toothless grins hiding among the set. Drew Doughty's is a thing of beauty.
Super Colossal is the final of the insert sets in which I landed a card. They are devoted to the tough guys in the league, and it is nice to add a new card of Borowiecki to my collection. He hasn't been seen in a mainstream set since 2011. The insert set also marks the return to cards of several players who haven't been seen in a bit, such as Dalton Prout and Shawn Thornton.

And there's the newest Sens cards in my collection.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Black November Box Breaking - 2013 Crusade

I busted some 2012 Crusade in an earlier COMC Credit --> Blowout Credit session, time to move up a year. It was a really good break for my secondary Celtics collection as it gained a numbered Crusade card, along with an autograph of Cedric Maxwell and a /25 patch of Courtney Lee. My Raptors collection also gained a /25 Crusade of Alan Anderson. The redemption didn't come through, but I got it replaced with a /25 patch/on-card auto of Thomas.

These boxes have a different layout. Still 6 packs, but Crusades are 3 of the 5 cards, 1 numbered, and 2 other cards with 1 auto and 1 relic per box.

And we're off!

Pack #1:
The blue Crusade cards are the base versions, while red parallels like the Kendrick Perkins are /349. The Crusade base are on the bottom. The backgrounds change depending on whether the card is of a retired player (Larry Johnson), a rookie or a current player (Barnes).

Pack #2:
The Tripucka is the teal parallel, and that's /249. I like seeing the Orlando Magic classic original pinstripe uniforms appear on a recent card. The Hardaway Jr shows off the rookie background for the base cards. That's already set aside for my next mailing to Too Many Manninghams.

Pack 3:
There's your first of the two hits. Patty Mills doesn't have too many relic cards available, so that's not too bad of a pull. It is hard to tell, but the card is 91/99. 91 + jersey # 8 = 99. There's an ebay 1/1! Oh, how I wish Panini would ditch the Knight Court pun.

Pack 4:
I guess Too Many Manninghams is the big winner so far with this break, landing a pair of Wolverines' rookie cards. The Middleton was the lowest numbered Crusade of the break. This shiny card is an orange die-cut parallel.

Pack 5:
And there's my autograph! Nice to land a HOFer's on-card signature, but his penmanship leaves a lot to be desired. I'm not certain I'll be hanging onto that, being a penmanship snob. Nice Spurs content here, and I love getting another classic uniform in Crusade form.

Pack 6:
Two numbered Crusade cards here with Hardaway Dr and Petrovic. At least the Nobility card isn't based around a cheesy pun, although I'd rather more room be given to the player instead of the background.

And there you have it. I probably like the 12-13 more, but that is likely due to getting some better cards from those packs when it comes to my PC.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Black November Box Breaking - 2013 Court Kings

The last time I busted one of these, it didn't work out so good. Will this time be any better.
Here's the base cards this time around. Only 4, since I got a numbered rookie card that is technically part of the base set. Batum is already set aside for my next Cards on Cards mailer.
Ugly looking background on this card, but I do like the multiple Suns cascading diagonally down the background of the card. This one is /225.
Here are the non-hit inserts. My love for designs with the team logo in the background easily make the Thomas my favourite here.
Here's the 5*7 box topper. Can't complain here landing one of Larry Bird.
The relic is a plain white swatch. Same as last time, although this one is /50 while the Lillard from last time was /225.

Despite the Bird, I was ready to deem this a draw in comparison with the last box. That was nice, but aesthetically, I preferred the Curry in the last box. Also, that one did add one card to my Raptors collection.

This time, the auto shifted things easily in the favour of this box.
An on-card HOFer auto! Numbered to /10 as well. That's definitely an improvement over a player I'd never head of from last time.

One box to go to wrap up the first order.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

A bunch of group break Raptors

Time to show off some of the new addition to my Raptors collection, with cards from a pair of group breaks.
Let's start with a new face for the binder. Despite the Wichita State Shockers uniform, this still counts. Fred Van Vleet has mainly seen the court during the end of blowouts this season, and with the D-League. Of people that have seen the court this season with the Raptors, this mailing did complete that portion of the collection. Of D-League guys, I've got a college card of former Pistons 2nd rounder Spencer Diwniddie on the way, and need a Jarrod Uthoff card from a college set.
Staying with the Contenders cards, here's some USC DeRozan.
But the big winner for NCAA cards was the Utah Utes, getting a pair of players into the binder, including lottery pick Jakob Poeltl, who was a teammate of the first pick from the Raptors last season, Delon Wright. If they're calling a card Class Reunion, wouldn't it make sense to have Wright and Poeltl sharing a card?
The mixer did land me one more Raptors card. I've got autos of Kyle Lowry in my collection. I've got relics of his, but this /99 is my first auto/relic of Kyle. Andrea Bargnani was wearing his more familiar #7 at the time, hence his sporting of #3.
This card was actually included in error. Leslie is a Knick on this /25 parallel, but at this point he's on the Raptors D-League team. So, I'm adding it to the binder. But, I'm going to group it with a bunch of cards for players that didn't get one as a Raptor. This card inspired me to start that sub-collection to a team-collection, with college cards getting a slight priority over professional cards. I've got a couple pages worth of both on the way via COMC's Black Friday sales.
Off to cards from a case break of 16-17 Prizm. Here's the veteran base cards.
And the rookies. Pascal Siakam, the Raptors other first-rounder from the past draft, debuts with his first base card (I pulled a /25 Artist Proof parallel from my box of Hoops).
Inserts! There's the second appearance in 2016 of the Drake jerseys.
Prizm means shiny parallels, and I got a number of them. While they used a photo of Sullinger holding his Raptors jersey for his Hoops card, they went for an older Celtics game photo.
Blue parallels /99.
Purple parallel /75.
Orange parallel /49.
I may have more copies of his Jonas' autograph than his agent. Still, I won't turn down any new cards for my binder with them.

And there's a bunch of Raptors.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Black November Box Breaking - 2007 Contenders

Going back almost a decade for this box. Let's chase JaMarcus! And some other guys. Peterson? Johnson? Lynch? Who are they?
One of my favourite front designs for the Contenders set. Colourful, and two images appear on the front, and they aren't reused there!
Somewhat reused on the back. The Home/Away splits for the stats flashes me back to 1988 Fleer. Horrible offense and decent defense. Sounds about right for the Bills in the 00's. I did end up 3 cards short from the 100 card base set on these, and have added those to my set wantlist.
The numbered inserts in this. Leonard, Gonzalez and Jones/Figurs are /1000 and the others are /250.
And here are the autos. No JaMarcus, or any of the cover boys, but this still a respectable foursome. The top row contains a pair of future Bills (although I'd lapsed on Thigpens time with the team), and Stanton is still active in the league, being on the Cardinals now.

So, that's about as old as these BNBB posts are going to get. Back to the 2010's with the next post.

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Black November Box Breaking - 2013 Black

Appropriate for Black November, no?
Here's the base cards in the set. They definitely live up to the set name, and look quite nice, although they do seem to be prone to chipping.
There are also black gold parallels to /49. A subset name so nice, Panini has been making entire Black Gold sets.
There are one of these metal cards per box. These things are heavy, and I'm fairly certain these could work as weapons in a pinch.
Apparently these were pretty tough pulls in the set. At least aesthetically, I really don't see the appeal in these. They mostly use dark jerseys for the background in the shadowbox, and the autograph is a lot harder to see in hand than in a scan.
 A black swatch. How appropriate.
A rookie card where the player featured is already listed as being with a different team than he's pictured. That's never a good sign. He did finish out the season in San Diego, and is now on the Cardinals.
This would have been a good pull at the time. That's two straight BNBB posts when I could have said that. Nice looking patch though.
And the last card is of someone who is now on the Bills, and has actually had some big catches this year. 7 receptions, but 4 of those were for TDs. He's the 5th player from the 2013 rookie premiere to make an appearance for the Bills this year (Woods, Manuel, Goodwin, Gillislee (then on Miami) and now Hunter.

And there's another box.