Thursday, 19 January 2017

2011 Topps Football Jumbo Box Break - Pack 1

When I bought my case of Rookie Anthology, I still had a little bit left over. I wasn't too sure what to get, so took a look for things I could get close to a complete set from the box. I settled on a Jumbo box of 2011 Topps Football. 440 card set, and about that many base cards per box.

How did I do with this? Over the next few weeks, I'll go through this one pack at a time and find out. I put these to the side after busting them, along with the wrappers, without bothering to collate them. And then I forgot about them. Oops.

Much like with Jumbo baseball, these are 50 card packs. 44 of them are base cards, with the other 6 being inserts. The relic packs contain fewer base cards. With perfect collation, I should get close to the set, accounting for fewer base cards to go alongside hits.

And we are off!

Pack #1:
Fred Jackson - A great way to start busting. A Bills card!
Brandon Jackson
Pierre Garcon - And the first card I'm highlighting solely for photographic reasons, as Garcon hauls in a TD under pressure.
BenJarvus Green-Ellis
Chris Ivory
DeAngelo Hall
Aaron Rodgers
DeMaryius Thomas
LeGarrette Blount
Greg Olsen
Osi Umenyiora
Josh Freeman - I like the odd passing motion in this card, or at least it appears off with how the ball is coming directly at the camera.
Louis Murphy
Buffalo Bills - Team Card
Brandon Tate
Steve Smith
Jason Campbell - Another different photo choice for a QB photo, as he shouts at the line of scrimmage.
Stephen Paea - And that might be the goofiest looking photo ever for a rookie card. This image would also show up on his Score rookie card. Thankfully, some better options would become available as the season went on.
Ricky Stanzi
Alex Green
Jabaal Sheard
Johnny White
Patrick Peterson
Tramon Williams - Gold 1862/2011 - And here start the insert/parallels. And PACKERS! WOO!
Jason Witten - Topps Town - Yes, Topps Town plagued football as well.
Len Dawson - Super Bowl Legends - A nice historical insert.
DeSean Jackson/Lesean McCoy - Faces of the Franchise - I wondering how many of these I'll pull that feature guys who weren't FOTF for very long.
Drew Brees - Gameday - These highlight specific games for the player. In Drew's case - 2/7/10 - Super Bowl XLIV.
Rolando McClain - 1950 Bowman - These minis are one per pack. Something different.
Marshawn Lynch - And the second batch of base cards start with a former Bill.
Nick Mangold - I always enjoy OL cards, since they're so such a rare part of any base set.
Philadelphia Eagles
Miles Austin
Davone Bess
CJ Spiller - Another Bills card.
Kenny Britt
James Starks - Throwback!
Danny Woodhead - Another one!
Mike Williams
Jacoby Jones
Richard Seymour
James Laurinitis
Philip Rivers
Lawrence Timmons - And here's yet another old school look.
Torrey Smith
Julio Jones
Nate Solder
Da'Rel Scott
Casey Matthews

And there's the first pack. The good thing about remembering I had these is that I'll be able to carve 9 more posts out of this box.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 2: Again, It is about Time

Much like with the $1 hangers, it was way too late in the year to be busting some of these. So, here's 2 of them.

Bag #1:
The contents.
I'm not highlighting everything in the UD pack. This Canada Cup USA card was probably the most interesting of the contents within, though.
Similarly bland was the 1000pt pack, although this blurb on Turgeon's wikipedia page was pretty interesting:

George W. Strawbridge, Jr., an active shareholder of the Buffalo Sabres and director and member of the team's executive committee for more than 30 years, named one of his thoroughbred racehorses in Pierre Turgeon's honor. Turgeon raced for Strawbridge's racing stable in France where he won several conditions races and, after retiring, is developing into a successful sire
It was the goalie pack that brought the binder content in this baggie, with a pair of mask binder cards on the left, and an interesting acetate card with the Hasek. This was from a McDonald's give-away set.

Bag #2:
The way I'm acquiring these snap holders, I may start sending out cards in my trade packages in these as opposed to toploaders.
The HOFer pack. I'm more interested in the great photo on the Hextall card.
The 70s/80s pack was all 80s, as usual. But, there were a couple interesting cards among the three. First, you've got an airbrush special with McBain, but it is the middle card that wins the day. Mikko Leinonen earned a Record Breaker card after picking up 6 assists in a playoff game (Gretzky would tie that record several years later). Still, that was not enough to earn him a regular base card in the 82-83 set.
And your 2010s pack.

The Leinonen was easily the best card in either bag, and lifts this to being a pretty fun break.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

A Revolution?

I was going to wait a couple of weeks until the Royal Rumble weekend to post these blaster recaps, but since RAZ beat me to it, I might as well get these up today. The only wrestling option at Wally World was blasters devoted to the women's division(s) of the WWE, so it was a pair of these to scratch the itch of busting some wrestling stuff.
First card out from the two 51 card packs comes from the Legends portion of the base. It was definitely a surprise to see her on the checklist, as she doesn't appear to have had a WWE card since her original run with the company.
The backs of the cards. You can't really do stats on the back with this, so the biography is appropriate.
The 43 card base set is devoted to legends (1 through 12), active talent (13 through 36) and developmental talent (37-43). Not much difference in designs between the three except for the logo, and the colour of the stripe. The Lita is one of only a couple base cards that feature an action shot.
Some of the checklist for current talent includes announcers and the like. There are a few wrestlers on the list that haven't been seen on TV for months, such as Eva Marie, Rosa Mendes, and Tamina.
Paige must have really, really been in the doghouse for the company when the checklist came out, as this is pretty much her only appearance in the entire set. The collation was almost perfect between the blasters, as I completed the base set and all but one of the non-hit insert sets.
Some familiar logos can be seen here, with some getting the RC logo, and others getting a Bowman-ish First NXT card one.
Lots of insert sets as well, and the collation was pretty good here as well, as I only missed two cards among all of them. Best Matches features exactly what the insert set is titled. This was home to only card I missed, one for an Alundra Blayze/Bull Nakano match.
Rivalries. Again, exactly what it reads on the insert set title.
The Revolution set is only 4 cards deep, and that features some of the highlights since the arrival of Charlotte/Sasha Banks/Becky Lynch. This is also the only other appearance of Paige in this whole set, with a portion of her arm being there.
The only appearance of the men is in the power couples subset. There's a somewhat even mix of couples whose relationship continued off-screen and ones whose relationship was limited to in front of the crowd.
My fave of the bunch was this one devoted to the champions, for no other reason than to see the various belts throughout the years.
Somewhat surprisingly, both my hits were shirt relics, which come at a rate of 1 in every 8 blasters. Really nice to see a hint of two colours with Charlotte's relic. Both of these are /199.

I struck out on any sort of parallel on any of the cards, but if that means pretty much getting all of the unnumbered base and insert cards, that's a minor complaint.

And there you have it.

Saturday, 14 January 2017

PWE Chronicles

Only two mailers showed up at Chez Buckstorecards this past week, both PWEs from Kerry @ Cards on Cards. I already have a bubbler packed up to return fire, but have yet to have time to hit the post office.
In my 2016 Donruss case break, I didn't even land one of the regular Elite cards of his. Getting this blue press proof /99 was so much better.
For the majority of these envelopes, the theme was parallels. With a specific focus on on some of the louder options out there.
Here's some more.
But there was at least one parallel that I won't be able to light up a room with - this mini of Colby Rasmus.
And to end this, a couple numbered cards from Panini's holiday releases. The Stroman source is obvious, with the Travis being from 2015 Father's Day.

And there you have it. Kerry, once I make it to a post office, watch your mailbox!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Four if by Sportlots 2017 - Part 1

Since 4 is the maximum # of cards you can get from many sportlots sellers, that's the level I sometimes end at for purchases, thus resulting in a 4-card PWE coming my way. Here is my first of several throughout this year.
Michael Rupp's first playoff goal of his career in 2003 was the one that was the Stanley Cup winning goal for his Devils team. That makes this card featuring the Cup lift even sweeter.
Photos directly along the glass are a little more commonplace in recent releases. That doesn't mean I'm going to pass on acquiring older ones for my miscellaneous binders.
#3 in the envelope is a new Milan Hejduk for the 2/14 collection. This is my 130th card of his in the collection, still trailing Gaborik who remains in the lead with 149 entries in the collection.
And, #4 is another 2/14 card. Back when you might find an interesting photo on an Upper Deck MVP card. This is my 47th card of perfect match Viktor Kozlov.

There you have it!