Sunday, 19 February 2017


Spectacular! I would probably wear that jacket every waking minute of my life.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Happy National Hockey Card Day!

Nothing beats a free pack from the LCS, especially when you want to pick up some packs anyhow.
If someone told be I'd land two Habs cards, I wouldn't be surprised. If someone told me I'd land two Islanders cards from a 19 card set, I'd be stunned.
And since I picked up some OPC packs to go with it, here's the #16 bonus cards. It commemorates Auston's 4 goal NHL debut, but I must do the Sens thing and point out the Leafs still lost.

And since I got some OPC to resume the set build, here's the most interesting stuff from those packs:
Resume the set build!

Friday, 17 February 2017

2017 Adventures in Repacks - Part 4: Something New

I'll try anything repack related that's reasonably priced. I've been seeing these for about the past month or two at Walmart, and finally decided to touch the stove.

The contents were as described. 3 hobby packs and the Gretzky/Matthews card. The reverse of the package shows 1 pack of 2010 UD French, 1 pack of 2010 Donruss and 1 pack of 2011 Elite. And those were the exact packs within.
Here's the front and back of the promised card. It is obviously some sort of Beckett promotional card. This is already in the box with the various numbered cards I'm sending to someone who has a $30 a week habit.

Time to start the packs.
I was hoping to land something I needed for the set coming off the cheap-o hobby box I picked up in December. That didn't happen, but at least I've got a new Steve Downie for my Rangers alumni binder.
And since that was only 7 cards, here's the 8th. That's a really nice 8th card, and like Steve, it will move into the alumni binder. These are somewhat scarce, based on my pulls. The box contained two of them. In comparison, the box contained 1 red parallel, which was /25. But, there are 550 cards in the original set, that would make even fewer cards each per 1990 card. That assumes the buybacks are consistent across the board. But I'm over-analyzing this. Donruss time!
More PC content among the base. I'm really surprised that Milan Hejduk wasn't already in my 2/14 collection, but it is there now. And any Daniel Alfredsson is a good one.
Here's the rest of the pack's base cards. I love the sea of white behind Zetterberg.
This pack was thick. Thick to the point it was actually a challenge to open the pack. I had guessed the packs had been searched before they were put in, but I guess not since this was the final card.
The seam on this card is causing this swatch to almost push through cardboard. This card is also /50, and definitely a nice addition to my misc cards. And, unlike a previously acquired Patric Hornqvist relic, there doesn't appear to be any DNA on this one.
Finally, the Elite.
4 base cards.
And a parallel that also hits my Rangers alum PC. This Gold Status Die-Cut parallel is 1/99, so I can also call this an ebay 1/1!

So, these were very good for my PCs, with the best card in two of the three being an addition to my Rangers alum PC, and the third containing a /50 hit. I have no complaints about the quality in this break, but will probably stop with just one and quit while I'm ahead.

Thursday, 16 February 2017

No Conundrum: These were Sens-Ational

When I busted my case of 13-14 Rookie Anthology, Matt @ Cardboard Conundrum expressed interest in a Matthew Dumba auto/relic and my Score Update dupes. I shipped those off, and here were the Senators cards in return.
Starting off with a series of base cards. The big one here is the Latendresse, which is a base card but isn't a base card. With the labour strife in 12-13, there was no series 2, with the closest to it being a 50 card update insert set in SP Authentic.
A couple numbered cards. You wouldn't think that Hasek's one season in Ottawa would warrant a card in the retired portion of the set, but there you go.
While this is a dupe in my Alfredsson binder, it isn't one in my Senators binder. That one is also a pair of white swatches, so I can complete the relic rainbow with a pair of black swatches on a third card.
And to wrap this up, an on-card auto from someone for whom every NHL game was in a Senators uniform. I do like how the design fits the scrapbook theme as well.

And there you have another trade.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

The Best Cards are Free Cards

I saw a really nice, semi-oddball card that I knew Shane @ Shoebox Legends would like, and grabbed it off ebay at a respectable price. As with some sellers, this one used some random base cards as additional padding. Even better, a couple of those fit in some of my PCs.
Such as not only a Joe Carter card, but one from 1987 Leaf in all its bilingual goodness.
Whether this makes a home in my Kitchener Rangers binder or my masks binder (the former is more likely), this John Gibson will find a nice place in one of the two.
And the rest! I'm happy to be able to use the Spezza tag again, but my fave here is the UD base card of Iginla. That's just because you have Zack Morris taking cover in the background, though.

Free cards are always fun!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Annual 2/14 Post - 2017 Edition

For the 4th straight year, I use my 2/14 post for a top 10 list involving cards in my 2/14 collection. And I use the theme of it being a top 10 of cards in my collection that were released over the past year, with no players being repeated. The lack of repetition is there to keep 5 Derek Norris cards from being part of the countdown.

#10. While he didn't see any action except for clipboard holding in 2016, I should honour one of the people to make their cardboard debut this year. Here he is in a shiny, but unnumbered card from Prestige. I really like how they went for full bleed on the photos this year, and probably would have built this set had the rookie portion not been SPd.
#9. And the set I tried to build, only to tap out and but a factory set. Again, it was the SPd rookies that were too much for me, combined with my inability to land either of the two big Cowboys cards. I had to squeeze one card in from my favourite design of the past year, and this is the one.
#8. I sent out the bat-signal on this one, with his cards only being available on ebay with insane shipping costs to Canada. Shoebox Legends' Shane came through with this card.
#7. The only hit of the countdown. Had this been on-card, it might have been #1. Still, this was my first, and still only autograph of Ehlers.
#6. There's always room for Heritage.
#5. The only thing better than finding out there's a new candidate for the collection is finding out he plays for one of the teams you cheer on. While I did get a hit of Matt in the binder, it is a sticker AHL card, so I put this acetate one in its place. The one game he played to earn this NHL card remains his lone appearance in the league, but he is still in the AHL.
#4. Probably a bit higher than it should be, but it has a couple things going for it. A throwback uniform, a numbered parallel (/99), and being pack-pulled. This, along with the Clowney, are the only ones in this countdown I personally pulled from a pack.
#3. You knew Jim Kelly would have to make an appearance at some point. I could have return to Donruss for this, or Elite, or Classics, but opted instead for the gaudiest card I could. This is from 2016 Phoenix.
#2. Deciding which Derek Norris card to use in this was tough. He had a celebration photo from Opening Day, and his flagship card featured an earlier photo from this exact same play. Still, full-bleed gives this one the edge.
#1. An alternate uniform, with matching pads combined with a smoke machine enhanced entrance for an outdoor game. Seems like a perfect choice for the final spot.

And now, the countdown begins for the 2018 list. S2 of UD drops tomorrow, so that will give Ehlers and Mrazek and early chance for next season.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Just One Pack...of 2016 Parkhurst

After making its return as bonus cards in retail boxes of 2015 and 2016 Series 1, Parkhurst is on its own as a retail exclusive in a 2016-17 release. At least I'll assume it is exclusive, as I haven't seen them anyplace else other than Walmart. 30 cards in a rack pack.
Here's the base design. Pretty crisp look. The photographs are reminiscent of OPC with the ice-level shots, just on the glossier card stock as opposed to the current.
Re-used photo on the back. You can't see it here, but the stats for more veteran players are truncated to 4 years worth.
Players traded during the off-season make their debut in new uniforms in this set. This was the only one of a traded player I got in this pack.
Just slight changes for the rookies with their design. The plus is that these do not appear to be short-printed. The negative is that these all use the exact same style of photo. Hope you like the last 60 or so cards in the set being entirely above-the-waist pictures.
For a set builder type set, the parallels are a bit overdone. These fall at a rate of 4 per pack. I'm opting to show this one for the 20th anniversary Coyotes patch.
The gray parallels far at a far more reasonable 1 per pack.
These inserts fall at 1 per pack. And boy, the 25 portion of the card is really loud in person.
These are pretty nice, though. With UD upscaling Black Diamond, there really aren't too many lower end cards that utilize the etched look. So, there's the insert set (1:3) for the centennial season that do that while saluting moments in the game's history. This was easily my favourite card in the pack, although not really getting anything that hit my PCs probably moved it up.

And there you have it.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

2011 Topps Football Jumbo Box Break - Pack 5

Another pack of this box.
Donald Brown - And we're off!
Keith Brooking
Lee Evans - Bills content!
Lions Team
Vonta Leach
Asante Samuel
Ndamukong Suh
Steelers Team - Why is this not either Ryan Clark or Troy Polamalu's base card? This photo is spectacular!
Donte Whitner - Another Bill!
Kyle Orton
Brian Dawkins
Giants Team
Jaguars Team
Cardinals Team
Steve Johnson - All set for a crucial fumble.
AJ Green - A good start to the rookie portion.
Bruce Carter
Randall Cobb
Blaine Gabbert
Ras-I Dowling - Highlighting only because his name is Ras-I.
Arian Foster - Topps Town
Jim Plunkett - Super Bowl Heroes
Josh Freeman/Mike Williams - Faces of the Franchise - 2/10 overall for the FotF still being with the team upon busting the box.
Brandon Lloyd - Game Day
Greg Little - 1950 Bowman mini - The Browns jerseys look really nice in this design.
Cam Newton - Rookie Patch - That's the one you want to be getting from this subset. Only a fraction of the card really qualifies as a patch (there's a tiny hint of blue in the upper corner) but I'm still happy to land this as the promised relic.
Jeremy Shockey - I'd completely blanked on his one-season Panthers stint.
Anthony Armstrong
Tamba Hali
Brandon Meriweather
Steven Jackson
Ricky Williams
BJ Raji - 330+ pounds worth of HOLY CRAP bearing down on Jay Cutler.
Carson Palmer
Hakeem Nicks
Mike Wallace
Darren Sproles - Throwback uniform!
Billy Cundiff - Kicker card!
Cecil Shorts III
Rahim Moore
DeMarco Murray
Andy Dalton - And a decent rookie to end this on.

Not the most interesting pack in terms of base cards, but it was nice to knock the two big Bengals rookies off the wantlist for the set build, and the patch was the one you wanted to pull. Halfway through the box!